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  2. a mages play Manual
  3. Mages Overview:
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They exist to win even fights and brutalize single targets.

Mages are teamplayers, not solos. Your CC, range and burst are your tools.

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Your durability is just a bit above ADCs. I'll start by saying mages are typically strong in lane because they have solid wave clear, meaning you can quickly clear the wave and shove your minions into the enemy's turret.

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So, if you take top turret first, you can either group with your jg and take rift, coordinate a gank with jg on mid, or go mid to help shove the wave and get damage on and hopefully finish off the mid turret. If you lose top turret first, your action should depend on what your opponent does.


a mages play Manual

If they rotate, you need to follow them, as they'll be trying to press their advantage to the other lanes. If you lose or go even in lane against a strong split pusher, all you can do is try to mitigate how quickly they take your top turrets. Keep in mind they can't do turret damage without a wave of minions to tank the shots, so clear the wave as soon as possible and try not to fight the champion. You need to rotate to the best available lane see: opponent with less wave clear and push your advantage there.

Mages Overview:

One more thing. Midgame you should only be bot aka far away from your team if you have teleport up. Otherwise you should be with your team because almost all the time as a mage you are designed to be most effective in team fights. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

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Playing mages in the top lane. Top Lane.

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