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I've never felt my body being set ablaze like this before. A really pretty, hot neighbour. Her long, wavy platinum blonde hair, pale skin and icy blue eyes that seemed to stare depths into my soul and keep me frozen in place. Worlds Apart : Fire and ice series Book 1.

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Lipsa Nalini Naik. The moment our eyes connected, it was like my body found a new kind of flame. One day here in this new town and I was already losing my mind over my new neighbour. I couldn't seem to leave. Her pink lips were parted slightly as she tried to catch her breath. I swallowed. It happened to me, even. Losing his imagination seemed like it should worry him. And really, what was he using his imagination for anyway? Wasting time in school? Nothing important, in other words. This is just how things are now. My shift starts soon at the library.

Everything seemed correct to him, but he went over them a second time, just to be sure.

Math was a subject to be taken very seriously, according to adults, and he trusted their judgment. They arrived at the library a few minutes after Owen started his math assignment over, so he sadly placed his papers in the textbook, marking his spot. After Owen had spent a few days away from home, first in Jupiter City and then trapped with Kara Dox in a time prison, his mother had gone a bit insane, contacting every police station and hospital within four states.

But as soon as Owen called her from London, she immediately calmed down and arranged for him to fly back. And now he had an excuse to hang out with Bethany every evening, doing homework or quizzing each other on facts they could memorize.

Worlds Apart: A Memoir: David Plante: Bloomsbury Publishing

All in all, it was a pretty pleasant punishment. As his mother had said, almost no one came in anymore, so Owen and Bethany ended up spending most of their time clearing fiction books off the shelves to make room for more nonfiction. Without an imagination, he was just reading words, not seeing any characters or situations.

Chapter 1 Worlds Apart

But like the doctor had said, was that really a bad thing? Now he had so much more time for the nonfictional world, and for performing tasks that he was given to the best of his abilities. What better way to get ahead in life than that?

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  4. And making room for nonfictional books in the library was easy enough. Spike, his fictional cat, sat in the empty spaces in the bookshelves, periodically jumping up to a higher one just to get a better look. Were they fighting back against Nobody still?

    Making Science Fiction Fun Again

    Weirdly, he only seemed to think about them while petting Spike. He turned around to find Bethany standing there with a worried look on her face as all thoughts of his fictional friends seemed to drain from his mind. I felt so bad that you missed school today! I brought you everything we went over today. I can help you catch up right now. He returned her smile. Besides, after everything the fictional me put you through, I owe you for years. It makes me so angry. She never thought one bad thing about me, no matter how many mistakes I made.

    Thinking of her helps remind me not to judge myself so harshly. We should get back to work. A man easily seven feet tall strode over to them carrying a box full of books. The man watched him go with a strange look on his face.

    Series by cover

    He glanced around and made a disgusted face. Something about them being really badly written, and the main character is obnoxious and really terrible at magic and deserved to lose? Not many people are checking these books out anymore. Now, I really should be going. Have another old friend to see, a long way from here.

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    In the meantime, give that copy a close look, Owen. It was Kiel Gnomenfoot and the Infinite Reality, the fourth book, where Kiel and Charm tracked down one of the keys to the Source of Magic through parallel universes. He shrugged.