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  1. Must-Have Criteria for Collaboration Software
  2. Why being a good programmer barely requires programming at all.
  3. Interview: A day in the life of a programmer - JAXenter
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Must-Have Criteria for Collaboration Software

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Information for educators and career advisers Resources. Pay Software developers usually earn. Job opportunities. Chances of getting a job as a software developer are good due to a shortage of workers. Length of training years of training usually required.

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Industry Information Technology. Vocational Pathways More Manufacturing and technology. About the job. Pay Pay for software developers varies. What you will do Software developers who specialise in developing or maintaining computer programs may do some or all of the following: discuss clients' computer program requirements work out design specifications for programs write programs run tests to ensure programs and computer systems are working properly maintain and upgrade programs.

Software developers who specialise in developing websites may do some or all of the following: develop a technical plan for the website and ways to promote it online suggest production methods and necessary equipment, and investigate costs for the website liaise with designers and other staff to help design and maintain the website integrate the technical, visual, and content aspects of the site to produce the finished product. Skills and knowledge Software developers need to have knowledge of: computer software and systems programming languages and techniques the impact of programs on computer hardware such as monitors, keyboards and printers and other software computer programs software development processes such as Agile confidentiality, data security and data protection issues.

What's the job really like? Nick Hill Analyst Programmer. This statement about the diversity of programmers did not came just from an academic research, but rather Adda Birnir, who is the founder of the recruitment and selection Skillcrush website. Nowadays is very common to detach minorities in programming, especially the low number of women. However, as some data show, this is not the only profile that has low representation in programming and this can have serious implications when it comes to create code to applications that must deal adequately with certain groups of users.

Error messages are very specific to each language problems and runtime compilation errors. The tables below include a bit of history about errors and the average time to correct them. Although the study focus on a very specific context learning the Java language is possible to make a comparison with other scenarios and situations and prove that much of the most common errors occur in different contexts. Software maintenance involves the manipulation of legacy code.

There is a study about effort that shows as a result that the division is not equal between creation and maintenance.

Why being a good programmer barely requires programming at all.

Surely is worth taking a look at this reference before making that decision about starting to develop the solution from scratch or working with an existing code base. One of the main rules of business people says it is much more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer. However, according to software engineering researches, the reality is somewhat different when it comes to code: These statistics are very general and were obtained in a very particular context of the organizations studied for this research which is from Certainly there are many factors to consider, but at least there is a starting point for analyzing courses and discuss this topic when talking about software maintenance.

Still talking about maintenance of source code, a study that has greatly influenced the software engineering community classified by analyzing the results of questionnaires the main practices of software maintenance. Four practices were identified:.

Interview: A day in the life of a programmer - JAXenter

Involve changes in functionality b Adaptative: Changes in the environment are adapted to the requirements c Corrective: Activities for error correction d Preventive: Improvements to avoid future problems. This fact is a classic of technology field and led to the evolution of traditional software development processes until what we have today. You have to be good at solving problems and writing code; this is a given.

These three things differentiate the average developer from the 10x developer:. The problem is that developers usually are not given adequate instructions. Software development is all about communication. The more we know up front, the faster we can go. Most importantly, knowing the intent of the work and what will make the work a success is crucial to success. Bad developers will spend hours going the wrong direction on a project without asking any questions. Nearly everyone has encountered some of these developers, and it can be frustrating to work alongside them.

Soft Skills Every Developer Should Master

And you must be careful not to pick up their habits! Some developers work well even without a lot of details.


They use a great amount of creativity and ask the right questions. These unicorns are likely 10x developers. They know how to figure things out and often lift up the level of the entire team working around them. The bottom line is that 10x developers are really good at quickly determining what needs to be accomplished and what questions to ask. I wanted to attain the highest level in the game, of course. I knew exactly why, and I was doing everything I could to make it happen. The same approach applies to any software development project. Knowing why and understanding the vertical also helps prevent unnecessary work, freeing up time to focus on the things that will make a product or feature more valuable for users.

You have to have a passion for the problem and understand it inside and out to truly be a 10x developer. I believe that most 10x developers are also product people at heart, endowed with good product vision. Timing is important for software development projects. Picking what order to work on items in your back log is a seemingly easy task that is really critical. Do you work on something that can help your company land a new account or go clean up old technical debt? We have to get this new feature done for a client.