Rising Poles & Dripping Holes

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You now face possible arrest. Leaders of two Catholic laity organisations have launched charges against me under section A of the Indian penal code. It is absurd to claim that I did anything of the sort.

Earth's magnetic poles show signs they are about to flip

What do you fear might happen to you? If it comes to a trial, I have nothing to fear. I would welcome the opportunity to throw some light on the role that the Catholic church played and is still playing today, here in India. The possibility of arrest is threatening, however. Do you have any regrets about intervening? Why would one not intervene when somebody gives gullible people sewage to drink? But my reason is broader. Such efforts have to be countered. Why do people so readily believe in miracles? For many, the regressive belief in superstitions and miracles is an escape from the hardships of life.

Once trapped into irrationalism, they become more incapable of mastering reality. It is very important that the poles have all small bumps and bark removed.

2 pole failures this year! Need suggestions/advice. - Purple Martin Forum

Early covers, which were smaller, were made from a patchwork of buffalo hides. Later covers were made from lighter canvas. The three strongest poles are tied together near the top to form a tripod. After the tripod is erected, other poles are laid in the crotches formed by the tripod. The order is very important so as to avoid a messy bunch of poles that prevents a smooth conical top when the cover is placed on.

Some groups used 4 poles for the main structure. The cover is tied to the last pole, bunched around it, and pushed up into place.

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The cover is then pulled around the poles and laced with willow pins down the front. The poles are put into their final arrangement and the cover is staked down. The liner is tied to the poles on the inside or to a rope tied around the poles. The smoke flap poles are the lightest 2 poles and they help to finalize the shape and pull the cover taut.

Rising Poles & Dripping Holes

All tipis employ smoke flaps to control ventilation. Individual tribes have unique smoke flap shapes.

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The poles can be adjusted more open or closed, more into or away from the wind to control smoke ventilation or provide protection during storms. In summer the hem of the cover can be raised up to increase airflow and still provide shade. The tipi liner helps to improve ventilation and provides an area dry from any drips that run down the poles during prolonged rainy spells.

The liner also functions for privacy and security because shadows are cast on the liner, but not on the cover. During cold weather grass can be stuffed between the liner and the cover to provide insulation. Tipis are always set up so that the doorway always faces east towards the rising sun. The oldest male occupant slept at the rear west of the tipi.

Generally, men sat on the north side of the tipi and women on the south.

Tipi Math & Plan

A fire pit was located at the approximate center of the floor space and directly below the smoke hole. An altar of cleared earth was created just behind west of the fire pit for burning incense or making ceremonial offerings.

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Firewood, food storage, and cooking equipment were kept near the door. Whenever dispersed clans of a tribe came together in a large camp, the position of each tipi was dictated by the clan or religious group it was associated with. The camp circle itself faced east and special tipis housing sacred objects were pitched within the circle itself. At large gatherings, the tipi camp might be up to a mile in diameter with tipis three or four rings deep.

go The circle motif is significant to the Plains Indians. If you stand on a high point, the horizon creates a large circle with you at the center. The sky overhead is a large dome.

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