The Battle for Egypt

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  1. Islam Chipsy and the Battle for Egypt’s Musical Identity
  2. Reward Yourself
  3. The Battle for Egypt’s Future
  4. The battle for Upper Egypt
  5. The battle for the Nile with Egypt over Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam has just begun

Islam Chipsy and the Battle for Egypt’s Musical Identity

As with all great people, his rise to fame was fraught with hardship and heartache. Little did I know that I was about to go where a select few have gone before, where he entrusted me with his Cinderella story. Born Islam Saeed, Chipsy was raised in a working-class household in Imbaba. I was 12 when I landed my first job.

Reward Yourself

Chipsy has had two pivotal moments in his life; the first was when he dropped out of school. That was the second pivotal moment of his life. That day, he went home determined to make something out of himself; he quit his job and went back to playing music, but this time it was his maddening desire for transcendence that stroked - or more accurately struck - the keyboard.

That was the first time he ever let people into that little-known part of himself, the part of oneself that, when tapped into, exudes genuine human ingenuity and emotional depth.

Napoleon fights the Battle of the Pyramids against the Mamelukes, Egypt, 1798

Music to Chipsy is a language with which he communicates and interacts with people, something he became aware of during his time in Europe. Shaabi is the plebeian voice - their magnanimous gift to a world to which they bear no ill will - and Chipsy their musical emissary, extending the hand of friendship to an omnipotent minority that has, unbeknownst to them, long excluded and looked down upon the masses.

The Battle for Egypt’s Future

The roaring old school buses that rattle my windows when they pass in the morning were not to be heard, there were hardly any cars on the usually clogged streets, and the daily flood of people making their way through the dense web of thoroughfares and alleyways was absent. The only signs of traffic or crowds were around the hundreds of designated polling stations.

It had been nearly five weeks since protesters in Tahrir Square had brought down President Hosni Mubarak, and Egyptians throughout the country were voting on an all- or-nothing package of nine constitutional amendments. If the no votes prevailed, it might start the process of political reform over again, or it might cause the military to pursue a different strategy. After decades of oppressive rule, in which elections had been pro forma exercises marked by violence and fraud, Egyptians were elated that their ballots would finally count.

Possession of Lower Egypt was assured on 21 July by victory at the Battle of the Pyramids, which took place in the historic surroundings of the Pyramids of Gizeh.

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The Mamluk army of attacked the French forces arranged in squares. This first attack was repulsed with Mamluk losses of men. The subsequent French attack and flanking movement caused the Mamluks to lose a further men, either killed or driven into the Nile. Napoleon entered Cairo on the following day, with their ruler, Mourad-Bey, in flight before him.

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  8. At sea, however, things were less certain. The British fleet under Nelson was hot on Napoleon's heels — although, as his correspondence with the Earl of St Vincent reveals, throughout most of June and July Nelson had absolutely no idea where the French fleet was.

    The battle for Upper Egypt

    Indeed in June, Nelson lacking reconnaissance vessels actually overtook the French fleet, arriving in Alexandria before them. Finding the port empty, he returned to Sicily where his ships were re-supplied. He then returned to Egypt at the end of July in the final hope of finding the French fleet. He came upon the ships at 5pm on August 1, , about an hour before sunset, in the Bay of Aboukir, about 20 miles east of Alexandria.

    Much ink has been expended on the suitability or otherwise of de Brueys's position and Napoleon's orders on the subject.

    The battle for the Nile with Egypt over Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam has just begun

    One camp maintains that Napoleon had left de Brueys the choice of anchoring in Aboukir or harbouring in Corfu recently become a French possession. Others maintain that Napoleon ordered de Brueys to remain in Aboukir perhaps to protect the transports in Alexandria harbour and that it was de Brueys who wished to head for Corfu.

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    7. At any rate, Napoleon is known to have sent a messenger encouraging flight to Corfu, but the messenger was intercepted and killed and de Brueys never received the order. There is similar dispute as to the suitability of de Brueys's position at anchor in the bay. We were anchored at seven fathoms and the depth did not rise to four fathoms for about half a league. Hence between us and the land there was enough room for a vessel to manoeuvre'.